• Sundae Services

    Sundae Supreme

    Having mass appeal, this is the official sundae of “Heaven”. Your service of hard or soft vanilla ice cream is graced with hot fudge and supported by an offering of whipped cream, choice of nuts and a faithful cherry

    Free Will Sundae

    It’s like having a month of sundaes and you select the one you want! You have the freedom to choose your ice cream flavor and proclaim 3 of your favorite toppings, plus you can have the discretionary cherry

    Devil’s Dirt Sundae

    Feeling a little buried today? Escape from the vault with your sundae of cookies and cream ice cream entombed in hot fudge, whipped cream and catacomb of Oreo® cookie crumbles. All just oozing with gummi worms and a cryptic cherry

    Flying Nun Sundae

    Be uplifted when your choice of waffle cone is bestowed with a sally of soft serve ice cream and cloaked in a field of hot fudge, whipped cream, choice of nuts and an obedient cherry

    Goodness Gracious Sundae

    Great balls of fire! A benevolent serving of cookie dough ice cream and hot fudge is bequeathed in a generous helping of whipped cream, chocolate chip cookie crumbles and a charitable cherry

    Gilded Angel Sundae

    Hark! It’s a herald of butterscotch (toffee) flavored ice cream embedded with Heath® serving guardian to whipped cream, a choir of Heath® crumbles, wings of caramel and a celestial cherry

    Hawaiian Monk Sundae

    Come out of seclusion with this luau of coconut ice cream, banana slices and pineapple sequestered in whipped cream and chocolate drizzle giving sanctuary to a reclusive cherry

    Irish Sister Sundae

    More than your eyes will be smiling with this sundae of mint chip ice cream step dancing with “Andes Mints”®, cloistered in hot fudge and whipped cream, then veiled in chocolate drizzle with a communal cherry

    Nutty Convert Sundae

    Alter your ways with a sundae of chocolate peanut butter ice cream along with a profession of peanut butter topping and peanut butter cups, enlightened with whipped cream and the proverbial cherry

    Pastor’s Breakfast Sundae

    Start your morning, afternoon or evening with coffee, ice cream that is!  Offer your support with a collection of brownie pieces following a homily of hot fudge.  Conclude your service with a blessing of whipped cream and the joy of welcoming the not so prodigal cherry.

    Cones and Cups

    Hard Serve, Sherbet, Frozen Yogurt, Sorbet, Non Dairy and Ices

    The Baby Cherub — intended for children

    The Little Angel — a generous scoop plus

    The Regular Saint – twice the generosity

    The Big Sinner — 3+ scoops   Really ?

    Soft Serve

    The Baby Cherub –  3 innocent twists

    The Small Angel –  5 super twirls

    The Regular Saint –  7 supreme swirls

    Waffle Cones

    “Heaven”made Plain, Dipped and Nut

    Candy and Sauce Toppings


  • Indulgences

    Brownie Temptation

    Alluring is this warm “Heaven” baked brownie made even more enticing by your choice of ice cream entrapped in a rapture of hot fudge, whipped cream, chocolate sprinkles and a self-indulging cherry

    Whoopie in Paradise

    You might just fall in love with a “Heaven” baked whoopie pie embracing your choice of ice cream, snuggled in hot fudge, caressed with whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles nuzzling up to the coveted cherry


    You just might just have to confess your guilty pleasure after devouring this warm cinnamon roll and your original choice of ice cream with a trespass of maple syrup, whipped cream, walnuts and a slightly fallible cherry. You are forgiven


    A boat load of biblical portions! Our signature version of the banana split is built upon 2 pontoons of banana anchored by 2 of your favorite ice cream flavors, flooded with 2 toppings of your choice, showered in whipped cream and a hail of peanuts or walnuts. It’s all set afloat with 2 animal crackers of course

    Piety a la Mode

    Keep the faith with this orthodox yet somewhat irreverent slice of blueberry or apple pie, warmed if you confirm and reborn with vanilla or your choice of ice cream


    Flight from Heaven

    Are you still in limbo? For the undecided, no sense in spending extra time there, when you can still satisfy your hunger for “Heaven” and see the light with a tasters flight of 3 of your favorite ice cream flavors

    Chilly Chapel

    Time for a little repose? Then meditate with a belfry of your favorite soft serve ice cream and a convocation of candy or other topping inclusions blended into a frozen congregation of creamy, sweet and crunchy


    Made to Order

    Sort of like manna from “Heaven” is this testament to deliciousness! A freshly made crepe curates your choice of toppings such as sugar, butter or cinnamon. Available with a host of fillings including Nutella®, Chocolate, Honey, Peanut Butter, Caramel, Maple Syrup, Sugar, Bananas, Strawberries, Walnuts

    Ordain it with a scoop of ice cream



    Our Brownies, Chocolate Chip Cookies and Cannoli are “Heaven” made.  Look for our “Heaven” cinnamon rolls as a special treat

    Yes, we even make Whoopie in “Heaven”! Pies that is. Multiple flavors and sizes

    Apple and Blueberry Pies are prepared on earth but arrive to be baked here in “Heaven”

    (slices or whole)


  • Special Dispensations

    Cookie Cowmandment

    You only need one, but there are at least 10 good reasons to inscribe your choice of ice cream between 2 “Heaven” baked chocolate chip cookie tablets. So unlawful, we cut it in half

    Angelina’s Cowpie

    Our mascot Angelina Bovina’s favorite treat. She has one daily. Two large “Heaven”baked chocolate whoopie shells host a large plop of your favorite ice cream. It rules like the cookie cowmandment but without warranting a crunch

    Grails of Goodness

    The Ministah’s Milkshakes a/k/a
    The Friah’s Frappe

    Your choice of ice cream, milk and flavor syrup blended to perfection. Frappes are a New England regional name for what most everyone else calls a “Milkshake”. Then again, we also drive a cah.

    We can add malt to create a Malt or

    We can prepare an “Udderless Milkshake” which has NO ice cream. (This is the original recipe for a “milkshake” milk, soda water, to create the bubbles and flavor syrup, usually chocolate. There is No Ice Cream) . In New York they call this an Egg Cream. Go figure, there is no egg and no cream!


    Be in your happy place with this mocha chip frappe made even more blissful with a zephyr of hot fudge and a harmony of whipped cream, Oreo® crumbles and the whisper of chocolate drizzle

    Sister Sarina’s Ice Cream Soda

    Try breaking the habit with none of the guilt. A parochial blend of whipped cream and a belt of flavor syrup are schooled into a font of bubbling soda water made superior with an order of your favorite ice cream

    Faith’s Float

    You might become a believer while enjoying this root beer or orange soda, when teamed with a championship scoop of hard or soft vanilla ice cream emerging from a huddle of soda bubbles. Even when your down 28-3, you gotta have Faith! Thomas 34:28  LI

    The Saint Bernard

    After a hike through the mountains of Acadia, rescue your thirst and revive your soles with this resuscitating blend of iced coffee, ice chips and vanilla soft serve. Its an avalanche of refreshment no matter how rough your day

    Fountain Soda, Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate, Milk, Iced Coffee